About QN

QNBIKES. is a blog about adventure motorcycles and bucket-list motorcycle journeys.

It’s about tales of once-in-a-life-time trips and the latest adventure motorcycle gear on the market.

Contact us at ben at dbholbrook @mail.com to find out more.


2 Responses to About QN

  1. Zoltan Pavlakovich says:

    Thought you might like this one…there are some old treasures here! To love the new, you must appreciate the old.




    • qnbikes says:

      Thanks so much Zoltan, you are so right and I’m still amazed how quickly motorcycles have developed. You have probably heard that we went to the Ducati Factory in Bologna, amazing to think they started off as nothing more than modified bicycles – the write up will be coming very soon, I hope you enjoy it!

      All the best and thanks again for the link


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