Nanotips Make Your Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen-Friendly

You can leave your gloves on…

Nanotips - how to make your motorcycle gloves work with your touch screen devices

We’ve all been there: it’s freezing cold, it’s raining, it’s grey and miserable, but you need to check your GPS/maps, or you are going crazy because your girlfriend’s “favourite track”  is stuck on repeat.

You pull over and take your gloves off. Your hands freeze and get wet. You drop your gloves and nearly drop your bike whilst trying to pick them up.

Even when the weather’s good, it still eats into precious riding time.

It is not epic.

But chin up, my two-wheel-loving friend, because your riding life just got a whole lot more epic!

Nanotips is a new technology that allows you to quickly and cheaply transform your favourite motorcycle gloves into touchscreen-friendly beasts, so you can keep your hands safe and warm and still check your GPS/maps or shut Miley Cyrus the fuck up without having to even take them off. They’ll save you time too!

Watch this quick video to see how this simple but game-changing technology works, or visit the official site to buy now for only $20

Buy now from the official site for best prices ($20) ~ Worldwide Shipping Available

Nanotips Application Motorcycle Gloves

Visit the official Nanotips website to find out more

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