Marc Marquez’s Road to Victory

In terms of the MotoGP, it is undoubtedly the year of Marc Marquez. The number thirteen may-be unlucky for some. However it will now remain eternally lucky for Marquez.


Not content with merely winning the title in Japan, ahead of the season’s end, Marquez adhered to expectations and rode triumphantly to the finish line of the final race, thereby putting an end to Mick Doohan’s previous record of 12 wins in a season – as set in 1997 – and raising it to his own record of 13.

From pre-season injuries to his now second record-breaking win, the 21-year-old has repeatedly wowed spectators. Not even a serious leg break less than a month prior to the start of the season was any kind of hindrance to Marquez’s Road to Victory.

Astonishingly enough it was reported Marquez was treating his injury as though it was no more than a sprained ankle, his refusal to wear a cast and magnet therapy was not overlooked.

However, his rather ad hoc behaviour towards his injury must have been the trick as he returned, not even entirely fully recovered, for the opening race in Qatar and, unforgettably, started the season by racing past his childhood hero and veteran rider Valentino Rossi.

“My bad luck is called Marc Marquez … without him I could have won a lot of races,” said Rossi. “But, he did a fantastic job this year.”

Marquez has been destined for the tracks since he was a toddler. The news of his first stint on a motorcycle at the tender age of four has been widespread throughout the media. It truly is the success and his youth that are setting him apart as the ‘magician on the motorcycle’.

Marquez was at the very young age of eight when he won his title competing in Enduro. At ten years old he won his first Catalan Championship; he was seventeen when he won his first 125GP World Championship; nineteen for his Moto2 Championship win; and twenty for his first MotoGP Championship win.

Marquez is now the youngest rider ever to win the MotoGP back-to-back and the two consecutive world championships. It is clear he has successfully ridden up through the competition. He has worked hard and he is dedicated – and now it is paying off.

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