2014/15’s Top 5 New Adventure Motorcycles

Buying a new motorcycle could be the worst investment you’ll ever make. It will cost you a lot of money for routine maintenance, be impractical for your lifestyle, and keep you from doing the kind of riding you’re really after. That is, of course, if you choose the wrong one.


But how do you know what motorcycle you really need? A motorcycle is indeed an investment. Making sure you pick the one that’s right for your needs will make it a rewarding one.

Adventure bikes do it all, making them a practical option for new and experienced riders. As new models continue to appear on the market, riders have found it hard to choose one that’s right for them.

New models provide the unique riding experience that enthusiasts are looking for. Here are 5 top new adventure motorcycles to help you avoid the common mistakes when purchasing a new motorcycle.

What Makes an Adventure Motorcycle?

Adventure bikes offer a versatility that can be hard to find in other motorcycles. Its varied engine displacement allows for long-distance travel on less than ideal roadways.

Riders looking to escape the grind can easily ride with their gear and a passenger for a quick getaway. Adventure motorcycles make it easy to travel and have the suspension to take in almost any road condition.

The best adventure bikes also have a higher fuel capacity, ranging from 5 to 9 gallons. Bikes with a top case can be supplemented with side panniers for even more storage.

The following are some of the best new bikes on the market:

  1. BMW G650GS

BMW GS650 2014

The G650GS is light in weight and great for riding dirt trails. It has a single cylinder engine that is easy to navigate on roads with poor traction. Although having a lower rpm can lead to more vibrating in the engine, this bike still maintains a level of comfort that’s perfect for long distances.

It offers about 200 miles at a full tank, and its design is stable at high speeds without losing any comfort.

This bike can be customized with a wide array of accessories that are available. Maintenance is relatively cheaper when compared to some of the Japanese adventure bikes.

Engine                                    652cc Single-cylinder
Fuel Capacity                      3.7 Gallons
Transmission                      Constant mesh 5-speed gearbox integrated into crankcase
Wheelbase                            58.2 inches
Weight                                    390 lbs

  1. Kawasaki KLR650

Kawasaki KLR650 2014

Kawasaki motorcycles have seen a long history of new additions and features, making them some of the most popular adventure bikes today.

The most attractive feature of the KLR650 is its easy maintenance. Its simple engine is rugged and sturdy, and its design is light in comparison to other adventure bikes, giving it a smooth highway riding experience.

For long-distance riding, the Kawasaki KLR650 gives you 300 miles to the tank. This, along with its reliability, has made it one of the best bikes for 2014 and 2015.

Engine                            651cc Single-cylinder
Fuel Capacity              6.1 Gallons
Transmission              5-speed
Wheelbase                    58.3 inches
weight                             432 lbs

  1. KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure 2014

This bike has been praised as one of the most durable adventure bikes today. It provides 150 horsepower and is lightweight, making it a perfectly balanced bike for riders looking for different riding environments.

Its power makes it possible to speed through 1/4 mile in just over 10 seconds.

Engine                                    1195cc V-twin
Fuel Capacity                      6.07 Gallons
Transmission                      6-speed, claw shifted
Wheelbase                            61.4 inches
Weight                                   518 lbs

  1. Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS 2014

One of the most lightweight new adventure bikes is the V-Strom 1000 ABS. Its small engine is based on as previous V-twin engines in previous modes.

Some changes have been made, including dual-plug heads, a slipper clutch, and a flywheel with much more weight. The V-Strom 1000 ABS now bears a lighter frame and ABS. For the first time, Suzuki has also included a traction-control system.

Engine                                    1037cc V-twin
Fuel Capacity                      5.3 Gallons
Transmission                      6-speed, constant mesh
Wheelbase                            61.22 inches
Weight                                    502 lbs

  1. Suzuki V-Strom 650

Suzuki V-Strom 650 2014

Although many consider the V-Strom 650 as a street bike, it’s one that can still perform off-road. It has been improved over the years, and has been outfitted with a front wheel that’s 19 inches and improves off-road capabilities when necessary.

Serious off-road riders will be better off with a different bike better suited for full off-road performance. But the V-Strom 650 can give riders some flexibility for their needs.

Along with its high level of comfort on the highways and reliability, this bike gives you high gas mileage, making it a great choice for new adventure motorcycle riders.

Engine                                    645cc V-twin
Fuel Capacity                      5.3 gallons
Transmission                      6-speed, constant mesh
Wheelbase                            61.4 inches
weight                                     472 lbs

Ws motorcycles continue to evolve in technology and design, newer models will outperform older ones and provide new features. These 5 adventure motorcycles represent a handful of some of the premier bikes on the market.

Every rider has unique needs, making it vital that you choose the right motorcycle to invest in. The right one will ensure a long road of spectacular riding ahead.

Cruisers: Your Second Best Option

Torino Motorcycles Cruisers

Torino Motorcycles

For riders seeking the ultimate comfort, adventure bikes lack some needed features to make room for others. In this case, you might find cruiser bikes better suited to your needs.

With a V-twin engine that gives you a high level of low-speed torque and response, cruisers are designed for power. You ride lower with your feet forward, making it ideal for weekend rides through the country.

They can also be accessorized with luggage for storage and travel. They offer a unique experience compared to adventure bikes, and can ultimately be a better choice for more demanding riders.

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