6 Best Motorcycle Routes in Australia

Australia is renowned for being one of the best countries in the world for riding a motorcycle. This is because of the thousands of miles of beautiful and scenic roads that are unlike any other roads in the world. Many of these roads have a low volume of traffic, making them safer for motorcycle riders that roads that are heavily traveled. The following roads are suitable for styles of motorcycles such as choppers, cruisers and touring bikes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best motorcycle routes in Australia!

1. Traralgon to Licola

Traralgon to Licola Motorcycle Route AustraliaThis is a fun ride that will take between one and two hours in the West Gippsland region of Victoria. There will be several corners that are tight. You will need to be cautious on this route. A few of the corners are extremely sharp hairpin turns. Some of these are blind turns, so there is no need to be a daredevil. Ride carefully and make it to the end in one piece. This is a nice route for advanced riders, although new riders can still enjoy it at a slower pace. Look out for wombats while you are on this trek. There is a licensed shop and a caravan park at the end of the route.

Length: 118km


  • Traralgon to Glengarry
  • Continue to Cowwarr
  • Left towards Seaton
  • Left towards Licola

2. Blue Mountains Loop

Blue Mountains Loop motorcycle route Sydney AustraliaThis ride will begin in western Sydney and take you through the Blue Mountains. If you decide to ride straight through without any stops along the way, you can do it in four hours. While this is an ideal ride to take on the weekend, there is much less traffic along this route in the middle of the week.

Length: 210km


  • Take Windsor Rd from Parramatta. Head towards Richmond. Get on Bell Line Road to Bell.
  • Left past the weigh station towards Mt. Victoria.
  • Once you reach Mt. Victoria, make a left to get on the Great Western Highway. This will take you back to Parramatta.

3. Maitland to Batemans Bay

Maitland to Batemans Bay Motorcycle Route Australia

If you are interested in an extended journey, this is one you should consider. This route has 18 hours of riding time, not counting the time you spend to see the sights on the way. Because of this, it takes most people four days to complete it. There are so many thing to see along the way, so this is not a ride you want to rush through. The surfaces of the roads on this journey are very good quality. The police are usually looking for speeders as you get closer to the coast. However, when you are around Goulburn and going towards Canberra, be on the lookout for speed traps. The Oriental Hotel at Mudgee and the Taragla Hotel at Taragla are places that welcome bikers and are regular stops for people on this route.

Length: 1,240km

Begin in Maitland and ride south towards the Central Coast.

4. Healesville to Narbethong

Healesville to Narbethong motorcycle route australiaThis is one of the most famous roads for riding a motorcycle in the Yarra Ranges. While on this journey, be mindful of a heavy police presence on the Black Spur. The surface of the road is almost flawless and perfect for riding. There is an equal combination of sweeping turns and tight corners, so there is a little something for everyone. There is also some gorgeous forest scenery to enjoy along this stretch of road.

Length: 17km

Begin in Healesville and head northeast along the B360 towards Narbethong.

5. Mildura to Red Cliffs

Mildura to Red Cliffs Australia motorcycle route

This route is the most ideal way to reach Red Cliffs when riding from Mildura. There are numerous corners that need to be taken at a variety of speeds. You should be aware that gravel is frequently reported on the road along this route, so be mindful of this. There are also a few bumps along the way. This is generally considered to be one of the top roads for biking in Sunraysia. This is also one of a small group of roads in the Sunraysia region that contains a nice amount of corners.

Length: 25km


  • Begin your ride on Deacon Avenue in Mildura.
  • Turn right onto Seventh Street East that connects to Cureton Avenue.
  • The journey ends in Red Cliffs

 6. Liverpool to Belmore Falls

Liverpool to Belmore Falls Australia Motorcycle Route

This ride will take you through Camden and towards the southern highlands. There are many places to stop along the way if you get hungry. The scenery is beautiful and the roads are all well maintained. Just like some of the other top motorcycle routes in Australia, there is far less traffic in the middle of the week, so keep this in mind. One of the best things about this particular riding route is that you can ride it during any time of the year. It is also close to Sydney, so tourists might also consider taking this journey. The ride can be completed in roughly two hours.

Length: 133km


  • Take the Camden Valley Way to Camden.
  • Continue on Old Hume Highway over Razor Back and into Picton.
  • Exit towards Thrilmere and continue towards Bowral.
  • Follow the signs to Kangaroo Valley.
  • Left at Illawarra highway.
  • Continue to Burrawang exit. Go towards Wilds Meadow.
  • Follow signs to Belmore Falls.
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