Top 5 Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers – A Biker’s Dream

You remember as a kid, when you got your first Walkman or your first computer? That sensational feeling was indescribable and you  couldn’t stop smiling for days. Don’t you sometimes miss that feeling? Well. here is a short list of motorcycle gear that will get your heart beating a little faster. Perhaps, if you’re anything like me, you will keep them next to your bed so that it’s the first thing you see in the morning.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Airbrushed Custom Motorcycle Helmet
Price: £293.69

Stormtrooper motocycle helmetI know, you might have to be at least familiar with the Star Wars movies and their Universe.

But come on, how amazing would that look if you were riding in the city with this unique helmet on your head.

It might be difficult to decide for the pedestrians, what to stare at first – your bike or that helmet

Motorcycle Boots TCX S-Race Gore-Tex
Price: £229.99


Sounds not too bad for a really good pair of boots, presumably these are proper Racing boots.

But if you want to experience your ride with high speed on the country roads, you will definitely have a much more comfortable ride with one of those race boots. These Gore – Tex boots are extremely light, lifelong water proofed and offers a superb metatarsal protection system.

Personalised Motorbike Key ring
Price: – £5 -£25

engraved motorcycle keyringsYou definitely didn’t expect a key ring to be on this list, did you? Those little accessories show how much you are dedicated to your baby (Sorry ladies, I’m referring to the motorbike). You can get a personalised key ring of your brand, such as an engraved Honda key ring. This is a great birthday gift idea for any biker – personalised engraved gifts always have that personal touch to it!

Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves
Price: £184

red Alpinestars_GP_Tech_Gloves in RedThis might be the cheapest gear on this list, besides the key rings. This pair is officially developed with the Alpinestars MotoGP and Superbike racers, in order to offer the latest technology with improved performance fit and maximum comfort. Moreover, being highly resistant and providing excellent protection to your hands; I can only say – these gloves are worth the money!

Ducati Leather Jacket
Price: £345

Ducati leather jacket (brown) old-school

I mean, not everyone can afford a Ducati bike, but when you want to have that Ducati flair accompanying you while you driving – why don’t you go for a vintage Ducati Leather Jacket. With the emblem on the left shoulder you can go wrong fashion wise.

I don’t want to sound cheeky though, but if you get a Ducati Leather jacket – imagine it combined with a Ducati … Yes, I know what you are feeling now!

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1 Response to Top 5 Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers – A Biker’s Dream

  1. Zoltan Pavlakovich says:

    WOW, three posts in three days! Trying to catch up? Sylvia told me you were bike shopping, did you find anything yet that suits your wallet? Tiger maybe?

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