How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Transport

How to Ship Your MotorcycleSometimes you may find yourself having to ship your motorcycle, and whether it’s a short or long distance, you should be prepared. Keep these things in mind before a transport company comes to pick up your bike:
First thing you should do is note any existing damage to your motorcycle. To ensure a hassle-free inspection, give your bike a thorough cleaning. Document any issues the bike might have to avoid any problems in the case of an insurance claim. Key things to look for:

• Are there any cosmetic damages, including chips, dents?
• Does the bike have any mechanical issues?
• Take plenty of pictures, from every angle, to get as much detail as you can.
• Have maintenance or repair records handy in case the transporter requests them.

Keep in mind, that a motorcycle shipper is usually not responsible for any accessories that may be lost or damaged, so to ensure a smooth ride, make sure to remove any loose items from your bike. You might also have a hard time having the insurance company cover those items.

Unless you’re shipping your motorcycle via freight, you will not need to drain the gas, remove the battery, or package the bike prior to shipping. Let the transporter know if the bike is completely non-functioning, otherwise make sure the motorcycle is in good, working condition. Although it’s not common, at times a shipping company many need to turn on a bike to move it from trailer to trailer. If the bike is in working condition, make sure that you at least inflate the tires, charge the battery, and have some gas in the tank. This will also ensure that your recipient has no problems upon delivery.

motorcycle shipping can be a stressful and frustrating experience. However, with proper preparation and the right experienced shipper, things could go a lot smoother.

Uship is an online marketplace that helps people find the lowest price for transporting their motorcycle from hundreds of user-reviewed, trusted shippers across the US and Europe.

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