Motogp 2011 Photos by Andrew Wheeler (The Best Motorcycle Photographer on the Planet)

2011 Motogp Photos by Andrew Wheeler

The 2011 Motogp was an incredibly emotional rollercoaster that will forever be remembered as the year our beloved Marco Simoncelli died. For some reason, Simoncelli’s death has resonated with so many of us, myself included, and I find myself often thinking about his life and death. You can’t help but think it is such a waste of life and talent, and it is, really it is. Marco Simoncelli was your classic racer and had the personality to go with it. He was tipped to be the next poster boy for the motorcycle racing industry and it seemed like his life was all laid out in front of him; success after success after success. But did he die in vain? He achieved more than most can dream of in his short life (24 years), and he died doing what he loved doing best. Motorcycle racing: one of the fastest, most exciting, sexiest and dangerous sports known to man. Perhaps it’s not such a bad way to go after all.

The following photos were taken by, in my opinion, the greatest motorcycle photographer out there. Andrew Wheeler attends all the races and it’s pretty much where I get most of my updates from. He’s “that guy” who has the best job on earth! Here are a selection of my favourite shots. They speak for themselves. Thanks Andrew Wheeler!
motogp 2011 Ben Spiesmotogp 2011 Marco Simoncelli 58 PhotographMotogp Casey Stoner photo 2011Valentino Rossi Tribute to Marco Simoncelli at the 2011 MotogpValentino-rossi-tribute-helmet-marco-simoncelli-58Marco Simoncelli 58 Qualifying in the 2011 Motogp

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  1. vlad says:

    Great Pic

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