World Motorcycle Day ~ It’s Official!

World Motorcycle Day – A Global Celebration

World Motorcycle Day OfficialWorld Motorcycle Day is a GLOBAL celebration of everything from the motorcycle world. It really is odd to think it has taken this long to arrive, we have Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Worker’s Day and World Whisky Day.

The official site is brand new but will soon become a hub of information, letting us all know where and when events are being held for World Motorcycle Day, across the Globe!! If you want to hold a World Motorcycle Day event, just contact and let them know what you have planned, they will write a short write up and list you as an official World Motorcycle Day Meet Up Point, providing they are happy with your  plans. They will also follow your events and post pictures, videos etc. It’s so so so exciting.

World Motorcycle Day OfficialThey say it’s up to you as to what you do to celebrate World Motorcycle Day, I imagine it will involve riding motorcycles and meeting up with other motorcycle fanatics. The main difference being that it is a global event, the streets will be alive with roaring beautiful motorcycles, choppers, superbikes, you name it. I can’t wait for World Motorcycle Day.
Don’t miss out, join the World Motorcycle Day Facebook Page & Follow them on Twitter – It’s going to be global!

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