Honda CBF 600 ~ Wish you may, wish you might, you wish your life away…..

Honda CBF 600 ~ They say it’s not the man who has little, but he who desires more, that is poor.

Honda’s CBF 600 is, let’s face it, nothing special within our world. It’s not the fastest, the prettiest, it’s not the most expensive, it doesn’t give us the horn, but what it does do is EVERYTHING a good motorcycle should do. Please, stick with me here…….. Honda CBF 600 NQNBIKES is all about luxury, high end, special motorcycles that stand out from the crowd and make us go crazy. So why oh why am I here writing about a boring, entry level, run-of-the-millHonda CBF 600? My Honda CBF 600 has been nothing but loyal to me for the last 2 years. It’s been left in a garage for up to 6 months at a time and it still starts first time, without needing any attention. It’s a a true Honda motorcycle, built to withstand any natural disaster, it’s near as dammit bombproof! I’ve checked the oil a hundred times, but it never leeks so the levels are always perfect. The breaks have lasted well and I’ve only had to replace them once.

But the Honda CBF 600 isn’t fast!….is it?

Honda 600 CBF SilverHow fast do you need to go? My Honda CBF 600 get’s me from 0-60 in around 4-5 seconds, it’s enough to get the juices going and even uphill I can still overtake anything with a slight rotation of my right hand. OK!! So a Honda Fireblade can do 0-60 in 3 seconds, but really, is that what motorcycle riding is all about? honda motorcycles cbf 600

Why I Love my Honda CBF 600

honda_cbf_600_silverMy girlfriend and I recently spent a week, ripping up the roads of the beautiful Gower peninsula. I felt safe with her on the back, it’s practical and comfortable and offers plenty of power, especially around the mid range, in fact, once you get into 2nd and 3rd gear, the Honda CBF 600 responds much the same way with a pillion on the back as it does without. “Exactly!” I hear you say, but the Honda CBF 600 isn’t about track riding, it’s not about getting your knee down or pulling wheelies, it’s about hitting the road and experiencing the adventure. Motorcycling at it’s purest.

Honda CBF 600 ~ Enough is as good as a feast

Motorcycle honda cbf600If you love the Honda CBF 600 as I’m sure many of you do, let us know about it on our Facebook page, if you don’t agree with us, please don’t bother us with bad words, they will be burnt, deleted or fed to my dog, well I don’t have a dog so I will feed them to the ugliest dog I can find, so there.

PS Our trip was sponsored by the awsome HelmetDress Helmet Cover Company, “Skins for your Helmet”. Click here to discover your favourite design! Yours, Ben Holbrook

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