GRAMATIK ~ Fitting nicely into the new “Hung-lounge” genre

Gramatik; What´s That? You NEED Some Funky Fresh Music in Your Life?

gramatik hip hop lounge music qnbikes.comAnother average night out in Barcelona, a few too much of the under-priced, over-alcoholfied (is that a word?) beer and my friends and I are spending the morning with the obligatory throbbing head and swollen tongue.

Fear not though, as here is the cure!

GRAMATIK are one of those, urbanesque hip-hoppy reggae kinda´bands that you don´t quite know where to place. For that reason, and so as not to trouble my horrifically hungover mind, I´m going to invent a musical genre. Friends, QNBIKE reader´s, I present to you…………”Hung Lounge”. It´s the kind of music you want to play when….well, I´m sure you can work that one out. So Yes, here you have GRAMATIK, have a listen, sit back and enjoy your hangover in silky smooth, sultry comfort.

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