Seasick Steve – He started out with nothing and he’ still got most of it left…

seasick Steve blues guitarist
Seasick Steve – A sixty-something year old (ex)-Hobo from Mississippi who over the last 5 years or so has gone from zero to hero. I guess it must have a lot to do with how authentic he is, as far removed from the “pop” scene as possible, apparently he still lives in a banged out old camper that he’s had forever. The only difference is that now it’s full of Jack Daniels Whiskey cos’ they wanted to sponsor him.

“Ain’t the kinda blues ya have for one day, Ya have it ya whole life long”

I was astounded the first time I saw Seasick Steve on “Later with Jools Holland”, a live music show back home in the UK. Seasick Steve plays rough and ready blues music on even rougher guitars, normally they only have 3 strings, he could never afford to buy new strings so he learn’t to make it sound good with just 3, boy can he play.

Seasick Steve isn’t just a….well….rugged face, he writes some seriously awsome lyrics and I think listening to a man talk about how he had nothing, but how happy he was, gives you that, “I’m gunna quit my job, and live in a tent” kinda feeling. Inspiring to say the very least.

“I can’t lose what I never had, You can’t take what I ain’t got, When I’m happy, you won’t make me sad, Depending on you all, Well I’m not, Cause I started out with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left”

seasick steveA few years back, just after I’d discovered Seasick Steve, my nephew Cameron came to me in my office. He was about 8 years old at the time and still had that real young-kid kinda mentality about music, but I always tried to show him some of the cool bands and classics that every kid should listen to. Anyways, he came to me and he says “Uncle Ben, can we use your laminating machine?”. How the hell he knew I had a laminating machine I’ll never know, I’d only just got the damn thing and didn’t have a clue how to use it. “Of course!” I told him, “what for?”, “Well, I went to a concert last weekend and I met a singer called Seasick Steve, he’s my favourite”. I couldn’t believe it, apparently’ he’d met Seasick Steve after the gig, got his autograph, had a chat, maybe a few beers with him, who knows. I’ve always thought Cameron was a cool kid, but now, he will eternally be a legend to me. I love that kid, I really do.

Seasick Steve, have a listen, it really is QN Music.

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