Buell Lightning – because everything else was too damn boring!

Buell Lightning

Buell Lightning Motorcycle – It’s a weird and wonderful machine and you can see that when Eric Buell decided he was going to design motorcycles, there was no intention of following the rules.

buell lightning

The Buell Lightning is the motorcycle we all want, but are scared to commit to. It’s strange and untrustworthy, purely because it’s SO different from every other motorcycle on the road, but that’s why we want it. Every square inch of this bike has been designed to be different. They say the theory behind the Buell Lightning, was to focus entirely on performance, but I think that’s a load of boll*c*s! It was designed to stand out from the crowd, to stop people in their tracks and make them ask “Why has no other motorcycle company thought about doing that?”

Have you seen the brakes?

The Buell XB9S was the first production bike to feature a huge brake rotor attached to the rim rather than the hub, with a single six-piston caliper providing the stopping power. This approach allows for the construction of the wheel to be very light, which of course reduces unsprung weight. So there is an example of what they were talking about with performance….if you ask me, Buell made a major mistake in their marketing plan. Owned by Harley-Davidson, you would think that Buell would have known their market and been able to see WHY people wanted to buy a Buell, it sure as hell wasn’t because the breaks worked well, it was because they looked so f*king cool! Have a look at the brakes on a Buell Lightning and you will be memorized, why didn’t they keep reminding us how cool they looked, and stop talking about how well they worked. If all we wanted were great breaks, we’d buy a Jap bike!!

Check out the clear fuel tank on the Buell Lightning and tell me that it has any performance enhancing characteristics…no, it doesn’t, but it looks cool as sh*t!!!

OH, by the way, they sound like fighter jets too!!!

“Tuned-for-torque 998cc air-cooled pushrod V-Twin”

Of course, Buell closed down in the end, and I’m sure Eric Buell is sitting thinking, “Why the hell did I sell out to Harley-Davidson?”. Eric, if you are reading this, you and me, let’s get Buell going again, these are the coolest bikes ever and we want more!!!

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