Honda CBR 600 RR – This Limited Edition Honda is the Sexiest of them all!

The Limited Edition Honda CBR 600 RR is hands down one of the coolest bikes on the road

limited- edition-honda-cbr-600-rrThe Honda CBR 600 RR is considered to be one of the greatest road sports bikes ever built. Successfully balancing the (authentic) performance of a track bike, whilst still retaining an “everyday” user friendliness second to no other sports bike.

Admittedly, you aren’t going to buy a Honda CBR 600 RR because it’s “comfortable”, but it does give it a certain charm.

“Basically, Honda realised something massively important……”

Honda-600-cbr-rr-limited-editionAnyway, more to the point, as always, here at QN-HQ, power, practicality and track performance aren’t enough on their own to attract us to a bike, (yes we are very demanding). Sex appeal plays such a huge part and this Limited Edition Honda CBR 600 RR has it pouring out of every square inch of it’s grizzly graphics.

Basically, Honda realised something massively important. The Honda 600 CBR has always been considered one of the greatest sports bikes ever made, so why change it? They haven’t! The new Honda CBR 600, from 2008/09 does have a few tweeks, but nothing really worth mentioning. It’s

coolest honda cbr 600 out therea beautifully balanced bike and most people who have ridden a Honda 600 CBR would agree that there wasn’t/isn’t much Honda could have done to improve it’s ride, so they focused on the way it looks.

This white and electric blue Honda CBR 600 RR shows what is capable with a little imagination. Being so interested in design and styling, I’ve always been shocked with some of the graphics used within the motorcycle world. The helmets I see, for example, look like the result of a 1970’s acid party. I just hope that Honda continue to develop their graphics as well as their engines. As we can see from this beautiful Honda CBR 600 RR, it’s possible for them to “get sexier”.

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3 Responses to Honda CBR 600 RR – This Limited Edition Honda is the Sexiest of them all!

  1. rajat mandrai says:

    i would like to buy this bike………
    can u plz tell me the on road price of this bike………..
    my no. is 09575351579……….
    contact me….

    • qnbikes says:

      Hey Rajat, How are you?

      I know, these bikes are super sexy!! It’s hard to say where you can pick them up as they are limited editions, no many of them!

      The best place to start would be at your local Honda motorcycle dealership!!! Maybe they can track one down for you!!!

      Good luck and let us know if you get one!!! 🙂

  2. stalka says:

    I have one!!!

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