Helmet Cover Company – HelmetDress Barcelona

Helmet Cover Design – HelmetDress Barcelona

HelmetDress Barcelona are the originators of the AWSOME new product that we all want, the Removable Helmet Cover.

helmetdress barcelona helmet cover

Why do we want a removable helmet cover?

Motorcycle Helmet CoverWell, motorcycles are all about looking the “shizznits”, about being “that person” you always wanted to be, it’s about being cooler than the next cat. Gone are the days where you simply buy a big sexy bike and your done, nowadays, you need to have the right gear too. Helmets are no longer only about “being protected”, it’s another chance to EXPRESS YOURSELF, to BE DIFFERENT. But lets face it, at 200 bucks a pop, how many helmets are you going to own at one time?

With HelmetDress Barcelona, you can buy a patented Lycra Helmet cover for the fraction of the price a new helmet would cost (around €20/30). If you buy a few helmet covers from HelmetDress Barcelona, you could literally wear a different helmet design everyday, depending on your mood, and of course, where you are going. A Helmet Cover made of lycra can be taken on and off in seconds, they are basically designed to fit any shape helmet. Perfect for motorcycle bank robbers who need to change their appearance in 2 seconds flat.

SWEET SEXY REMOVABLE – I wish my girlfriend was a cool as these Helmet Covers

Cool Helmet DesignsAs I’ve mentioned before, I live here in Barcelona, which is how I came to discover HelmetDress Barcelona. There are more motorcycles than people here in Barcelona and motorbikes are more “a part of everyday life” than in the UK or USA. These guys depend on their bikes to get to work, to go shopping, to get to the gym, to pick up the kids – you will see the cities TOP BUSINESS MEN in €10,000 suits going to work on their Ducati HyperMotard, it’s so cool to see . When it rains, they don’t “take the car” because they don’t have cars, not because they can’t afford it, but because THEY PREFER MOTORBIKES! They just put on suitable clothing.

So, a modern, easy and affordable way to change your motorcycle helmet. You don’t need to buy a whole new motorcycle helmet, just because you are sick and tired of the way your old one looks or because it’s scratched. Oh and by the way, these ain’t just for guys. There’s an awsome selection of ladies designs, why not buy two, “his and hers” style?

Get one now at www.helmetdress.com

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  1. Jordi Ylla says:

    Thanks a lot!! Great article.

    We appreciate it very much.

    Best wishes,

    Jordi Ylla

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