Triumph Speed Triple 2011 – “The Daddy of all Naked Sportsters”

The all new 2011 Triumph Speed Triple – Triumph call it “The Daddy” and promote it as “The Real Deal”. QNBIKES, do we agree? hmmmmmmm….The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple, Vamos!

Naked sports bikes are a relatively new style of motorcycle. Growing up, I remember thinking there was two types of bikes (yes, it was a sheltered upbringing), head down sports bikes such as the Honda Fireblade or chunky chopper bikes like Harley Davidson style.


In the early 90’s, a few bikes made huge advancements in the naked sports bike arena and it’s not hard to see that the Triumph Speed Triple was one of the first bikes that did it well. Stripping the bike naked, but not losing the sports styling. The single swing arm, the crazy-bug-eye twin headlamps, the stumpy rear end and the twin exhausts mounted either side of the seat. It basically invented what you and I now think of as the “Streetfighter motorcycle”.

The whole idea of the naked sports bike is some what of a oxymoron.  You take a super duper fast sports bike, take off a load of stuff (normally stuff which makes it go fast), shift the pegs around and the bars so it’s more comfortable (and slower) and detune the engine so it’s……not so fast. When you think about it, it’s a wonder anybody ever bought one.

“It’s not all that comfortable, and it’s not as fast as our super bikes, but it costs almost the same amount of money…..roll up, roll up!”Triumph Speed Triple 2011

And then……………….you see one. There is NO denying, seeing a naked sports bike is like seeing your teachers underwear. It’s an eye full of the good stuff, and it spurs you on, it gets you thinking about what she can do. All of a sudden, you want one, even though you never thought about wanting a naked sports bike before, you want one.

The Triumph Speed Triple was that bike for me. After years dreaming of passing the motorcycle test and buying a Suzuki GSXR 1000000, I discovered the 2005 Triumph Speed Triple. It was as if I had been dreaming about getting hold of Pamela Anderson and then realising that in reality,  I would prefer somebody more like Jennifer Aniston, just that little bit softer, more forgiving.

“7% more torque”

So anyway, back to the bikes. The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple is some what of an animal, and is definitely more sports than naked. The most powerful Speed Triple ever made, 1050cc, in-line three cylinder engine which although doesn’t have that Ducati Monster Grunting sound, is still wompingly powerful.

The 2011 Triumph Speed Triple has 7% more torque, four-piston Brembo brakes, fat alloy handlebars, fully-adjustable,  43mm upside down forks, lap timer and programmable gear shift light and optional anti-lock brakes. As if all of this isn’t enough the Triumph Speed Triple also offers optional ABS and tyre pressure monitors and Coded key immobiliser as standard.

2011-Speed Triple S Triumph

Triumph have really upped their game with regards to technology and have done themselves proud with this beautiful naked sports bike, and I have no doubt that we will be seeing crazed streetfighters ripping up the streets all over the country very soon!

Maximum Power 135PS / 133bhp / 99 kW @ 9400rpm
Torque 111Nm / 82 ft.lbs @ 7750rpm
£8,649 (+ £600 for optional ABS)
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4 Responses to Triumph Speed Triple 2011 – “The Daddy of all Naked Sportsters”

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  2. Derek says:

    Hi, I’ll comment on the 2011 speed triple. DONT BUY ONE!. I purchased one with 9 miles on the odometer. At 45 miles the transmission decided to destroy itself just driving down the road. No warning, just a noise that sounded like the engine had thrown a rod.

    The worst part being, Triumphs customer service is abysmal, they are just saying ‘wait and see’ with no reassurance or apologies on the apparent shoddy workmanship of a $12000 motorcycle. Please if you are looking at this style of bike, get a Ducati or the like, stay far far away from Triupmh.


    • qnbikes says:

      Hi Powerliferguy,

      Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience with your Triumph. What a shame, just when they were beginning to build such a strong reputation. I’m sure you aren’t the first to have experienced these problems.

      Let us know how the story pans out, I sincerely hope they fix the problems for you!



      • Derek says:

        Thanks QN,

        I’ve had to call Triumph Corporate along with the dealership numerous times and still have no resolution other that ‘wait’. They have not even attempted to rectify the problem in a timely manner, I’ll let you know what the final outcome is. I’m just very close to tearing up the contract and buying an entirely different brand after this fiasco.


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