2011 Honda CB1000R – Honda’s New Naked Sports Bike

2011 Honda CB1000R – I think Honda may have done the impossible, and designed a bike that one ups their Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade classic. The Honda CB1000R is an incredibly popular naked sports bike and offers the modern motorcycle rider a truly “usable” mix of power and practicality. Im not saying the Honda Cb1000R is faster or more powerful or agile than the Honda Fireblade or the Honda CBR600RR, for that matter, but if I dare, I think I may be saying it looks better! And for those of you who disagree, you obviously haven’t seen this yet……

“THE NEW HONDA CB1000R”…..She’s a super freak, super freak,she’s super freaky!”

The 2011 Honda CB1000R Review

The 2011 Honda CB1000R Review

Honda say…
“The stunning CB1000R packs exhilarating litre-class sports performance into a compact and muscular-looking form that looks fast, even standing still…..”

I think they have nailed it on the head really…the new 2011 Honda Cb1000R has been updated, but mainly in the looks department. It’s compact and muscular look is strong and resembles the aggressiveness of the Ducati Streetfighter or Suzuki Z1000, but where I would normally argue that Honda could never compete with Ducati in terms of design, I must admit, the new Honda CB1000R has taken my breath away. Honda’s press release tells us that the forward orientated styling projects a “ready to pounce” stance, and for once, I totally get what they mean!

“….great for knee-down speed freaks, or city slickers who wanna be like what’s his name from the new Wall street movie…”

Other new features include…and I quote “New thicker aluminium handlebars”, well, that’s great but like I say, the real updates are in the styling, so don’t get too excited about performance enhancements on the 2011 CB1000R, the fact they list “new handlebars” as a main update feature only goes to prove my point. Saying that, the Honda CB1000R is a seriously nimble bike and Honda describe it as not just a “naked” bike, but as a “performance naked bike”. There really wasn’t much to update in the first place!

The New Honda CB1000R - 2011

The New Honda CB1000R - 2011

“…..enough torque to rip your arms off and wheelie your way around the city….”

The new Honda, does after all, house a lightweight 998cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected inline-4 engine which is tuned for dynamic low-to midrange performance. Ultimately, making it an ideal sports bike for city folk.  The magnesium cylinder head and ACG covers reduce engine weight which again, helps you do one thing….go faster! Being a Honda, also means you get top quality components, which you know will never let you down, the Honda CB1000R is great for knee-down speed freaks, or city slickers who wanna be like what’s his name from the new Wall street movie…oh hang on,that was a Ducati Streetfighter, but still, you get my drift. Infact, features such as the IACV (intake air control valve) means that this powerful Honda is great in the city, keeping the torque to a minimum at low speeds, helping to ease that jerkiness and comfort of “real life” riding. But lets be honest, if you have one of these, you aren’t gunna be riding is slowly!

Conclusion – The New 2011 Honda CB1000R – “It’s bomb proof”

The Honda CB1000R is a powerful sports bike, with enough torque to rip your arms off and wheelie your way around the city. Honda have considered the real needs of the modern day rider, and excelled in terms of design and comfort (for a sports bike). The Honda CB1000R will do what motorcycles are meant to do….”Make you smile and scream inside your helmet all day long”. And the real beauty of it, is that it’s a bomb proof Honda, so you aren’t going to have to be a mechanic to keep her going.

Yours, BH

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