Kawasaki Z1000 – A Beauty and a Beast

The modern day Kawasaki Z1000 – Love it or hate it?

The Kawasaki Z1000 is a freakishy good-looking bike, but not in a beautiful Ducatiesk kinda way, It´s as if it was designed to feature in PowerRangers or some kind of BikerMice from Mars kids series. The Kawasaki Z1000 is modern and original in design, but I’m sure for many, it is OVER designed. I LOVE the symmetry of the insane exhausts which point up at the sky as if they are ready to fire a missile into space!

2010 kawasaki z1000

It´s pointy and radical, the kinda´bike you would have drooled over as a kid. You see this bike and you want one, you want one because it looks like it can go faster than the speed of light, and take you to the moon…..but will it?

Kawasaki Z1000 2008 - Modern Design

The Japanese do fast, and they do it well. The original Kawasaki Z1 was released in 1972 and was one of the most powerful motocycles of it´s time.It earned the nickname “The King” and was the first Kawasaki motorcycle to feature a four cyclinder, dual over head cam combination. For those of you like me, who know more about riding motorcycles than building them, this basically means that it was an important development for Kawasaki.

The 1977 Kawasaki Z1 - A big part of Kawasaki's development.

The ultimate Japasaki!

As a QNBIKES reader, you will have noticed that we are more interested in design and the over all general feel of our bikes. I have chose this bike today because quite frankly, everytime I see one, I get confused. I am the biggest Ducati Monster fan you will ever meet and I love everything about the Ducati-Italian design ethos which it embodies, so why, do I get so aroused by this Japasaki?

Customized Kawasaki Z1000 - 2007

Customized Kawasaki Z1000 - 2007

Everything about Kawasaki is different from Ducati, but it is clear that these two bikes have a few things in common. The Kawasaki Z1´s riding position is wide stanced and aggresive, it looks like you’re straddaling a bull and it is a true Kawasaki streetfighter bike. I want one, there’s nothing more to say!

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