Suzuki GSX1400 – You can’t ride one of these and not look cool.


2004 Suzuki GSX1400 in Blue n'White

Here at QNBIKES, we are all about that FEELING you get when riding a bike, as though you have the power of the sun in your right hand. For this reason, we aren’t all that concerned with POWER or SPECS, although we love these too. At QNBIKES it’s about the whole package. Design is a BIG priority for us and there are bikes we love even though they have zero power. However, sometimes, and I mean sometimes, it all comes together in one glorious, organically-natural-spurt of perfection.

With this in mind, may I bring your attention to the Suzuki GSX1400, a beautiful beast that offers more than most. If the SUZUKI GSX1400 was a woman, it would be Jennifer Lopez, if you read her stats you may think she was a bit on the heavy side, but in the flesh, it works perfectly together. An outrageously retro styling which may remind you of the 70’s muscle bikes (although many would disagree, and if you’re at all like me, you simply don’t remember). This bike however, has none of the problems those original bikes had (although I’m sure, many would disagree).

SUZUKI GSX 1400 [2005] If this doesn't make you look cool....

Taking a ride on the Suzuki GSX1400 is overwhelming. Sitting in such an upright position, on such a wide and comfort orientated seat, it’s easy to get carried away and shunt along a lot faster than you realise.

"Nice, but let me see the stats before I decide if I like her or not..."

SUZUKI GSX1400 – Naked Sports Bike, Radically Retro, a Classic……does anyone really care?

There is some serious debate as to whether or not this is a “naked-sports-bike” as Suzuki claim, or a sports bike at all. People say it’s retro, others say it’s not authentic enough to match the 70’s designed bikes. Personally, however, I couldn’t give a flying fu*k what “category” this bike should go into. It makes you wonder why we are so obsessed with categorizing everything. Isn’t that the job of the manufacturer to worry about? What difference does it make to anybody anyway?

Suzuki gsx1400 - What you gon'do with all that junk?

Suzuki gsx1400 - What you gon'do with all that junk?

“ridiculously outdated think-you’re-looking-at-them-cos-they-look-cool-when-it’s-really-cos-it’s-so-damn-funny style biker gear”

It must be down to those old school bikers (no disrespect intended), who hang out on Sundays in their ridiculously outdated think-you’re-looking-at-them-cos-they-look-cool-when-it’s-really-cos-it’s-so-damn-funny style biker gear (perhaps a little disrespectful, sorry old boys). They’re also the same guys who have their girls with them, always with massive knockers and tiny waists, clearly, they definitely asked them for their “specs” before asking them out on the first date, missing the point however, that despite their huge attributes and “hour glass” figure, they are still dog f*ckin’-ugly!

Don't you wish you were this cool?

Don't you wish you were this cool?

All-in-all, I must admit, as much as I love the SUZUKI GSX1400, it is a little bit bonkers and over-the-top, but you’d be MAD not to want one of these in your garage, you can’t ride one of these and not look cool, and before we all got carried away with bhp, reliability and racetrack performance, wasn’t that why we got into motorbikes in the first place?

Got a redonkulous bike outfit? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send us photos of it, we will dedicate a page to the worst/best!

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