Nanotips Make Your Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen-Friendly

You can leave your gloves on…

Nanotips - how to make your motorcycle gloves work with your touch screen devices

We’ve all been there: it’s freezing cold, it’s raining, it’s grey and miserable, but you need to check your GPS/maps, or you are going crazy because your girlfriend’s “favourite track”  is stuck on repeat.

You pull over and take your gloves off. Your hands freeze and get wet. You drop your gloves and nearly drop your bike whilst trying to pick them up.

Even when the weather’s good, it still eats into precious riding time.

It is not epic.

But chin up, my two-wheel-loving friend, because your riding life just got a whole lot more epic!

Nanotips is a new technology that allows you to quickly and cheaply transform your favourite motorcycle gloves into touchscreen-friendly beasts, so you can keep your hands safe and warm and still check your GPS/maps or shut Miley Cyrus the fuck up without having to even take them off. They’ll save you time too!

Watch this quick video to see how this simple but game-changing technology works, or visit the official site to buy now for only $20

Buy now from the official site for best prices ($20) ~ Worldwide Shipping Available

Nanotips Application Motorcycle Gloves

Visit the official Nanotips website to find out more

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Marc Marquez’s Road to Victory

In terms of the MotoGP, it is undoubtedly the year of Marc Marquez. The number thirteen may-be unlucky for some. However it will now remain eternally lucky for Marquez.


Not content with merely winning the title in Japan, ahead of the season’s end, Marquez adhered to expectations and rode triumphantly to the finish line of the final race, thereby putting an end to Mick Doohan’s previous record of 12 wins in a season – as set in 1997 – and raising it to his own record of 13.

From pre-season injuries to his now second record-breaking win, the 21-year-old has repeatedly wowed spectators. Not even a serious leg break less than a month prior to the start of the season was any kind of hindrance to Marquez’s Road to Victory.

Astonishingly enough it was reported Marquez was treating his injury as though it was no more than a sprained ankle, his refusal to wear a cast and magnet therapy was not overlooked.

However, his rather ad hoc behaviour towards his injury must have been the trick as he returned, not even entirely fully recovered, for the opening race in Qatar and, unforgettably, started the season by racing past his childhood hero and veteran rider Valentino Rossi.

“My bad luck is called Marc Marquez … without him I could have won a lot of races,” said Rossi. “But, he did a fantastic job this year.”

Marquez has been destined for the tracks since he was a toddler. The news of his first stint on a motorcycle at the tender age of four has been widespread throughout the media. It truly is the success and his youth that are setting him apart as the ‘magician on the motorcycle’.

Marquez was at the very young age of eight when he won his title competing in Enduro. At ten years old he won his first Catalan Championship; he was seventeen when he won his first 125GP World Championship; nineteen for his Moto2 Championship win; and twenty for his first MotoGP Championship win.

Marquez is now the youngest rider ever to win the MotoGP back-to-back and the two consecutive world championships. It is clear he has successfully ridden up through the competition. He has worked hard and he is dedicated – and now it is paying off.

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2014/15’s Top 5 New Adventure Motorcycles

Buying a new motorcycle could be the worst investment you’ll ever make. It will cost you a lot of money for routine maintenance, be impractical for your lifestyle, and keep you from doing the kind of riding you’re really after. That is, of course, if you choose the wrong one.


But how do you know what motorcycle you really need? A motorcycle is indeed an investment. Making sure you pick the one that’s right for your needs will make it a rewarding one.

Adventure bikes do it all, making them a practical option for new and experienced riders. As new models continue to appear on the market, riders have found it hard to choose one that’s right for them.

New models provide the unique riding experience that enthusiasts are looking for. Here are 5 top new adventure motorcycles to help you avoid the common mistakes when purchasing a new motorcycle.

What Makes an Adventure Motorcycle?

Adventure bikes offer a versatility that can be hard to find in other motorcycles. Its varied engine displacement allows for long-distance travel on less than ideal roadways.

Riders looking to escape the grind can easily ride with their gear and a passenger for a quick getaway. Adventure motorcycles make it easy to travel and have the suspension to take in almost any road condition.

The best adventure bikes also have a higher fuel capacity, ranging from 5 to 9 gallons. Bikes with a top case can be supplemented with side panniers for even more storage.

The following are some of the best new bikes on the market:

  1. BMW G650GS

BMW GS650 2014

The G650GS is light in weight and great for riding dirt trails. It has a single cylinder engine that is easy to navigate on roads with poor traction. Although having a lower rpm can lead to more vibrating in the engine, this bike still maintains a level of comfort that’s perfect for long distances.

It offers about 200 miles at a full tank, and its design is stable at high speeds without losing any comfort.

This bike can be customized with a wide array of accessories that are available. Maintenance is relatively cheaper when compared to some of the Japanese adventure bikes.

Engine                                    652cc Single-cylinder
Fuel Capacity                      3.7 Gallons
Transmission                      Constant mesh 5-speed gearbox integrated into crankcase
Wheelbase                            58.2 inches
Weight                                    390 lbs

  1. Kawasaki KLR650

Kawasaki KLR650 2014

Kawasaki motorcycles have seen a long history of new additions and features, making them some of the most popular adventure bikes today.

The most attractive feature of the KLR650 is its easy maintenance. Its simple engine is rugged and sturdy, and its design is light in comparison to other adventure bikes, giving it a smooth highway riding experience.

For long-distance riding, the Kawasaki KLR650 gives you 300 miles to the tank. This, along with its reliability, has made it one of the best bikes for 2014 and 2015.

Engine                            651cc Single-cylinder
Fuel Capacity              6.1 Gallons
Transmission              5-speed
Wheelbase                    58.3 inches
weight                             432 lbs

  1. KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure 2014

This bike has been praised as one of the most durable adventure bikes today. It provides 150 horsepower and is lightweight, making it a perfectly balanced bike for riders looking for different riding environments.

Its power makes it possible to speed through 1/4 mile in just over 10 seconds.

Engine                                    1195cc V-twin
Fuel Capacity                      6.07 Gallons
Transmission                      6-speed, claw shifted
Wheelbase                            61.4 inches
Weight                                   518 lbs

  1. Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS 2014

One of the most lightweight new adventure bikes is the V-Strom 1000 ABS. Its small engine is based on as previous V-twin engines in previous modes.

Some changes have been made, including dual-plug heads, a slipper clutch, and a flywheel with much more weight. The V-Strom 1000 ABS now bears a lighter frame and ABS. For the first time, Suzuki has also included a traction-control system.

Engine                                    1037cc V-twin
Fuel Capacity                      5.3 Gallons
Transmission                      6-speed, constant mesh
Wheelbase                            61.22 inches
Weight                                    502 lbs

  1. Suzuki V-Strom 650

Suzuki V-Strom 650 2014

Although many consider the V-Strom 650 as a street bike, it’s one that can still perform off-road. It has been improved over the years, and has been outfitted with a front wheel that’s 19 inches and improves off-road capabilities when necessary.

Serious off-road riders will be better off with a different bike better suited for full off-road performance. But the V-Strom 650 can give riders some flexibility for their needs.

Along with its high level of comfort on the highways and reliability, this bike gives you high gas mileage, making it a great choice for new adventure motorcycle riders.

Engine                                    645cc V-twin
Fuel Capacity                      5.3 gallons
Transmission                      6-speed, constant mesh
Wheelbase                            61.4 inches
weight                                     472 lbs

Ws motorcycles continue to evolve in technology and design, newer models will outperform older ones and provide new features. These 5 adventure motorcycles represent a handful of some of the premier bikes on the market.

Every rider has unique needs, making it vital that you choose the right motorcycle to invest in. The right one will ensure a long road of spectacular riding ahead.

Cruisers: Your Second Best Option

Torino Motorcycles Cruisers

Torino Motorcycles

For riders seeking the ultimate comfort, adventure bikes lack some needed features to make room for others. In this case, you might find cruiser bikes better suited to your needs.

With a V-twin engine that gives you a high level of low-speed torque and response, cruisers are designed for power. You ride lower with your feet forward, making it ideal for weekend rides through the country.

They can also be accessorized with luggage for storage and travel. They offer a unique experience compared to adventure bikes, and can ultimately be a better choice for more demanding riders.

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6 Best Motorcycle Routes in Australia

Australia is renowned for being one of the best countries in the world for riding a motorcycle. This is because of the thousands of miles of beautiful and scenic roads that are unlike any other roads in the world. Many of these roads have a low volume of traffic, making them safer for motorcycle riders that roads that are heavily traveled. The following roads are suitable for styles of motorcycles such as choppers, cruisers and touring bikes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best motorcycle routes in Australia!

1. Traralgon to Licola

Traralgon to Licola Motorcycle Route AustraliaThis is a fun ride that will take between one and two hours in the West Gippsland region of Victoria. There will be several corners that are tight. You will need to be cautious on this route. A few of the corners are extremely sharp hairpin turns. Some of these are blind turns, so there is no need to be a daredevil. Ride carefully and make it to the end in one piece. This is a nice route for advanced riders, although new riders can still enjoy it at a slower pace. Look out for wombats while you are on this trek. There is a licensed shop and a caravan park at the end of the route.

Length: 118km


  • Traralgon to Glengarry
  • Continue to Cowwarr
  • Left towards Seaton
  • Left towards Licola

2. Blue Mountains Loop

Blue Mountains Loop motorcycle route Sydney AustraliaThis ride will begin in western Sydney and take you through the Blue Mountains. If you decide to ride straight through without any stops along the way, you can do it in four hours. While this is an ideal ride to take on the weekend, there is much less traffic along this route in the middle of the week.

Length: 210km


  • Take Windsor Rd from Parramatta. Head towards Richmond. Get on Bell Line Road to Bell.
  • Left past the weigh station towards Mt. Victoria.
  • Once you reach Mt. Victoria, make a left to get on the Great Western Highway. This will take you back to Parramatta.

3. Maitland to Batemans Bay

Maitland to Batemans Bay Motorcycle Route Australia

If you are interested in an extended journey, this is one you should consider. This route has 18 hours of riding time, not counting the time you spend to see the sights on the way. Because of this, it takes most people four days to complete it. There are so many thing to see along the way, so this is not a ride you want to rush through. The surfaces of the roads on this journey are very good quality. The police are usually looking for speeders as you get closer to the coast. However, when you are around Goulburn and going towards Canberra, be on the lookout for speed traps. The Oriental Hotel at Mudgee and the Taragla Hotel at Taragla are places that welcome bikers and are regular stops for people on this route.

Length: 1,240km

Begin in Maitland and ride south towards the Central Coast.

4. Healesville to Narbethong

Healesville to Narbethong motorcycle route australiaThis is one of the most famous roads for riding a motorcycle in the Yarra Ranges. While on this journey, be mindful of a heavy police presence on the Black Spur. The surface of the road is almost flawless and perfect for riding. There is an equal combination of sweeping turns and tight corners, so there is a little something for everyone. There is also some gorgeous forest scenery to enjoy along this stretch of road.

Length: 17km

Begin in Healesville and head northeast along the B360 towards Narbethong.

5. Mildura to Red Cliffs

Mildura to Red Cliffs Australia motorcycle route

This route is the most ideal way to reach Red Cliffs when riding from Mildura. There are numerous corners that need to be taken at a variety of speeds. You should be aware that gravel is frequently reported on the road along this route, so be mindful of this. There are also a few bumps along the way. This is generally considered to be one of the top roads for biking in Sunraysia. This is also one of a small group of roads in the Sunraysia region that contains a nice amount of corners.

Length: 25km


  • Begin your ride on Deacon Avenue in Mildura.
  • Turn right onto Seventh Street East that connects to Cureton Avenue.
  • The journey ends in Red Cliffs

 6. Liverpool to Belmore Falls

Liverpool to Belmore Falls Australia Motorcycle Route

This ride will take you through Camden and towards the southern highlands. There are many places to stop along the way if you get hungry. The scenery is beautiful and the roads are all well maintained. Just like some of the other top motorcycle routes in Australia, there is far less traffic in the middle of the week, so keep this in mind. One of the best things about this particular riding route is that you can ride it during any time of the year. It is also close to Sydney, so tourists might also consider taking this journey. The ride can be completed in roughly two hours.

Length: 133km


  • Take the Camden Valley Way to Camden.
  • Continue on Old Hume Highway over Razor Back and into Picton.
  • Exit towards Thrilmere and continue towards Bowral.
  • Follow the signs to Kangaroo Valley.
  • Left at Illawarra highway.
  • Continue to Burrawang exit. Go towards Wilds Meadow.
  • Follow signs to Belmore Falls.
This post comes from Jay, who secured finance on a motorcycle at Brisbane Motorcycles and road it all the way to Sydney. Check out their servicing tips here.
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5 Stupidly Simple Ways to Be a Safer Motorcyclist

We all know the dangers of riding a motorcycle and it’s something we all shy away from talking about. But let’s be mature about this: there are ways to make riding less of a risk, and we should talk about it more than we do. So let’s do it…

Here are 5 ways to make your motorcycling life that little bit safer, no matter what type of bike you ride.

motorcycle training courses in London

1. Make sure you have appropriate riding gear

It sounds stupidly obvious, but the gear you wear can save your life.

Gloves: If you fell off your bike, the first thing you’d do would be to put your hands out – that’s why you need gloves – yes, even if it’s a hot day!

Trousers: Have you ever seen road-rash? At only 60mph, a fall could remove up to a centimeter-deep layer of your skin. Seriously, just wear some proper bike trousers.

Jacket: A good jacket, with body armour and rugged material could save your skin and keep you out of a wheelchair and on your bike. It’ll also keep you warm and dry too, which make riding more pleasurable – riding in a t-shirt doesn’t look that cool, anyway, so just put on a bloody jacket!

Helmet: I don’t need to talk you through this one.

2. Never ride in awful weather

Not only can rain and other weather conditions interfere with your ability to see when you are driving, it will dramatically increase your chances of slipping off the road and into a ditch. And anyway, riding is better in the sunshine!

3.  Avoid driving when you are tired

You need to be about ten times more alert when riding a motorcycle as you do when driving a car. Why? Because you have to ride defensively – most people won’t even see you, so you need to be prepared to move out of their way. It’s a sad but simple truth. You must concentrate on your own driving, and be alert to other drivers and pedestrians on the roadway.

4. Always work on your riding skills – you can always be better

Part of riding a bike is the feeling you get when you feel totally in-tune with your machine. But this only comes with practice and dedication. Invest in riding courses, whether on-road and/or off-road and equip yourself with the riding skills to take you anywhere on the planet. I recently took a motorcycle training course in London, where I now live, to help me feel more confident whilst riding in the stressful city streets. Don’t be “too big” to sign up; it’s all about being a better rider – it was a lot of fun too!

5. Take your time… it’s not a race

Riding with mates can be  lot of fun but it often leads to accidents. Picture the scene: you mate swings by your house and you take off on a day’s ride. He’s been riding for twenty years, you’ve been riding for 2 years. He has his knee down at every turn and is popping wheelies on every straight – you feel like you have to keep up. No one wants to be the “slow and boring” riding partner.

But hell, wouldn’t you prefer to stay alive and be considered the “slow and boring” riding partner than being dead and never riding again?

Seriously, take your time, enjoy your day’s ride at your own pace. It’s not the MotoGP.

Do you have any other riding tips? Leave them in the comments section below or join us on Facebook!

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